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The Mission

At Jarco, we don't like to include chemicals in our bath and body products. We make our bath and body products with all-natural ingredients that you would most likely find in your home. We do this because we truly care about products that touch your skin. True relaxation is not worrying about chemicals or other additives; it is running a bath with your favorite JB&B product, and relaxing while releasing the stresses and the worries of the day. 


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The Mission

People bathe to help them relax, but would you bathe in a tub full of plastic because that is how turtles bathe. As a company who cares about how one bath, we have decided to use as little plastic as we can from packaging to shipping which is why we ship our products with recycles packing material. And yes, we're not there yet but we are working on making all our packaging plastic free.


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The Mission

As you can see we already have two other parts to work on that can help our environment but we want you to also have a relaxing time to let out your stress even with everything going around. That is why we are committed to not only using no chemicals and plastic but to also give you a relaxing time after your days come to an end. So you can use our bath salts, infusions, or bath bombs to soften your skin and muscles in the tub and use our body klense to clean up.