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Pacific Morning

Pacific Morning is a masculine, bold, and complex scent with notes of tobacco, aged teakwood, and amber. This deep musk scent combined with our klensing Glycerine soap base makes for a beach experience at the sink.

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The Boxes is a monthly subscription that sends you Bar(s) Of Hand Klense every month so that you never run out of hand soap. Every month, we ship you a new Bar Of Hand Klense based on your taste, and if you don't like it, tell us and we will make sure to not make the same mistake again.

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Mossy Midnight

Mossy Midnight is a scent that captivates universal appeal. It starts off with distinct notes of orange, black current, saffron, and sage. The blackberry and black current give it fruity touch like never seen. The lavender and cedar ad a nice herbal touch while the amber and oakmoss add necessary earthfulmness. Combined with our Glycerine Soap base, this makes for the perfect, most lavish soap to wash off with.


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